Pressure Washing: How to Safely Clean Different Surfaces

Learn how to safely clean different surfaces using a pressure washer - from vinyl siding and aluminum to stucco, brick, concrete, windows, cars, pool covers and patio pavers.

Pressure Washing: How to Safely Clean Different Surfaces

Pressure washing is an effective way to restore shine to a variety of surfaces, from wood siding and cedar slats to vinyl planks, brick, stone, and even coquina. But it's important to know how to use a pressure washer safely in order to avoid damaging your deck, roof, car, and more. If you're looking for window cleaning services near me in Lancaster, PA, then pressure washing is an excellent option. In this article, we'll discuss the different surfaces that can be pressure washed and the precautions you should take when doing so.

Vinyl siding is the most common outdoor surface found in Lancaster, PA. More than 80% of the homes we repair and pressure wash are built or have the majority of vinyl siding. While vinyl siding is tough and can last for many decades before being replaced, it can undergo significant oxidation by the elements and, more importantly, by the sun's UV rays. Therefore, when pressure washing vinyl siding, it is imperative to use low pressure. The key to low pressure is a detergent or a mixture for washing the house.

As a professional pressure washing company, we have access to commercial-grade cleaners; however, the average homeowner can purchase a variety of soaps at big box stores or even at a local pressure washing supply store. Our low pressure technique is safe enough to wash our family's dog with it (although I don't recommend it).Aluminum is cleaned very well with the help of a pressure washer. Even so, you should proceed with caution, even if aluminum is a harder surface than vinyl. Using a pressure setting that is too high can dent or remove paint from the aluminum coating, so you should be careful. Stucco is a much softer material than vinyl or aluminum, but it can be pressure washed.

We clean the stucco with a gentle washing method that employs the use of specialized cleaners to do most of the work. We then use light but appropriate pressure from the pressure washer rod to rinse the contaminants removed. Brick is porous and can become corroded over time due to algae and other contaminants that penetrate its lining and even begin to corrode mortar or grout. Soft-washing brick is a safe way not only to restore its appearance but also to keep it protected. Concrete is also porous like a sponge and over time dirt, grime and other contaminants penetrate its surface causing discoloration. With safe pressure, pressure washing is an excellent way to clean the pores of concrete and make it look like new.

You can safely pressure wash pavers to release dirt and other contaminants on the surface. Loose sand will almost certainly come out during the pressure washing process but filling the joints is relatively inexpensive. You can use a pressure washer to wash windows but nothing beats a microfiber cloth and spatula. When you pressure wash windows you should be careful not to force water under the window. You can use a pressure washer to clean your car but be careful. Never use high pressure in your car because if you do contaminants will be deposited on the top layer.

It's best to rinse the car first with a hose to remove larger contaminants. Pool covers attract sand, ground mud, pool chemicals and bacteria. A gentle pressure wash uses specialized brushes and surfactants to ensure that the platform is cleaned without damaging it. Patio pavers can also be restored with a good pressure wash using safe levels of pressure. Wood decks are very vulnerable to damage when the pressure is too high which may cause splinters and splinters. If you have a vinyl or aluminum coating then a pressure washer is an effective cure for accumulated dirt and mold but if you have wood siding then there is greater risk of damage.

Painted surfaces can be pressure washed but an expert is needed to ensure that the paint doesn't come off the surface. Special attention should also be paid to any area that may contain lead paint as it is a health hazard - Santa Barbara has many older homes where even if they've been recently painted with lead-free paint there could be underlying layers of old lead-based paint. A professional pressure washing expert can restore a wide range of surfaces and materials using strategically selected levels of cold or hot water pressure - those that generate higher levels (measured in pounds per square inch) receive higher scores than those with lower outputs. As stated above in the vinyl section homeowners in Lancaster Pennsylvania can purchase deck cleaners at large stores or at local pressure washing supply stores such as Beco in Leola.

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